JEK Gift Vouchers

Our vouchers range in price from €10 to €500. If you would like one for another specific amount just let us know. We can get the necessary details from you and have it in the post to you the next day.

Over the years our individually hand made gift vouchers have come to a customers rescue on many's the occasion. Usually they have either left it a bit late to commission or are just not exactly sure which of our finished non commissioned piece to buy.

Like all our work, our cards are a little bit different each one being decorated on the outside with a hand-drawn uplifting and jolly image, while inside will be a hand-written message either from yourself or by us with your instruction.

image of collage of handmade gift voucher cards

They never fail to impress and as mentioned above have proven to be fierce handy in the past!

If you find a voucher of a value that suits from the voucher selection page, then once we have received your order we will contact you to get the recipients name and brief message (if desired) to put on the Voucher.

Thank You.