Jackie & Ed Keilthy

River Of Life


A commissioned 8 link JekJewellery bracelet by Jackie and Ed Keilthy


Our Commission Range jewellery is called the “River of Life” range. Items of jewellery such as Pendants or bracelets from this range depict a persons own life journey using our unique symbols.

We have been developing,making and designing pieces for this range since 1992.


How to Commission a River of Life piece

The commissioning process is very simple really and basically consists of the following stages

Stage 1: Deciding on a bracelet, pendant or indeed cufflinks and the gathering of information.
Stage 2: The making of the piece.
Stage 3: The write-up.
Stage 4: Completion/Timescale,Delivery and Payment.


A piece from our River of Life range is an ideal gift for any family member,Loved one, friend or work colleague.

Deciding on the piece and the gathering of information

Within the “river of Life” range there are a few options depending on your budget.


Our triple hinge pendant which is sterling silver with 9ct gold, approximately €220 to €250 including a chain, depending on the amount of gold used and work involved


The seven link bracelet (as a guide fits a lady who is of a dress size 8 to 10), sterling silver with 9ct gold €440.

The 8 link bracelet(fits a lady who’s dress size is 12 to 16) €480.

The links for both of the above bracelets measure 1cm by 2cm

We also make a wider link bracelet dimensions 1.2cm by 2cm, these bracelets carry more detail. An example of one of these bracelets can be seen below.€550

Cuff Links:

Cufflinks are sterling silver with 9ct gold and average at €150.


Image of Jackie Keilthy taking notes as she designs a oiece of jewellery

The next step

The gather of information about the person.

In order to do this …we really need to speak first over the phone, we can then guide you, using our many years of experience collecting relevant information for the River of Life range.

It would be very useful to have these moments handy for when your ready to start the commissioning process, such things as their birth date, their family members, names and ages, where they’re from, where they went to school/college, their /qualification/job, hobbies etc.

Please see our testimonial page to read some of our customer comments.

The making of the piece

This image  shows three of our most popular pieces,just after they have been cut from a sheet of silver and they now are ready to have the story added.

We work in precious metals only and our designs are one-of-a-kind, which means we start each piece from scratch.and do not use pre-made components.

Each part of the piece now goes through various stages, soldering, cutting, filing, sanding, and polishing. All parts are then assembled together for the very first time, Which… as the makers, can be a very rewarding moment. . . . then just before it’s ready to be packaged it gets its final polish and the making stage is complete.

And last, but by no means least

Each piece is accompanied by a detailed write up explaining the symbols. These write ups are soooo treasured by the recipient, as we have been told this over and over again. The Essence of the person is truly captured here and is a constant reminder of how loved they are. In fact some of our customers have framed these write ups!!

For any more information on this range just give us a call, and please give plenty of notice as our order book fills up very quickly.

If you have any questions at all ,please do not hesitate to contact us.