From just some of our Customers

“I was first introduced to Jackie & Ed jewellery when I was gifted a personal pendant about 6 years ago. I was blown away with the piece , it had all my family included on the pendant. I love wearing it and it always receives compliments, no matter where I go. Since then I have purchased many pieces for my family over the years and each piece is individual, personalised and very special. It has become a family tradition now to present a Jackie & Ed piece to family members for special birthdays. I received an amazing Bracelet for my 40th, words will not do it justice, it had my life story from birth to 40! Jackie really got it so right with a mix of humour, fun, emotion & skill. What a beautiful gift Jackie has. I would highly recommend a Jackie & Ed piece for any family member. Thank you both for the great service and sharing you beautiful gift with the world.



From, Wicklow

“Over the years we commissioned Jackie and Ed to make two pieces of jewellery. The first was for Rowan’s 70th birthday: a beautiful pendant, with symbols depicting her grandchildren, love of nature and friendship. It came with 3 chains of different lengths; so it can be worn all year round with any outfit.

The second was a charm bracelet for our granddaughter Ciara’s 18th birthday. This was a masterpiece. Each charm represented something about Ciara: her family, her love of art and music, her loving/caring disposition and wishes for a happy and illuminated path through life.

The booklet – written by Jackie – which came with the bracelet was itself a work of art. When Ciara looked at her gift, she cried with joy and said “Oh! I’ll never take it off”.”


Rowan & Ken

From, Co.Kildare

“I have thought many times of writing to you to express my thanks and compliments. I have a commissioned bracelet for almost 13 years and I adore it. It was a 21st birthday present from my sister with links specific to my family and I, and is a very sentimental piece of jewellery. I now live in Sydney (yes where it all began for you), continue to receive lots of compliments on the bracelet and when followed with the explanation of the significance of each link, people are blown away and comment on how unique a piece it is. The bracelet has been on my wrist every day since I received it, and whilst separated geographically from my family by many miles, the bracelet reminds me they are with me every day.

Thanks again, and congrats on such interesting and special pieces, Lou”



Fom, Sydney

“My husband asked me to marry him with a ring and bracelet that was lovingly made by Jackie & Ed. I treasure these pieces as they are our life together told in beautiful symbols with such great detail of gold and silver. These pieces of jewellery were carried on a treck in South America before my husband asked me to marry him, so to say they are durable and long lasting is an understatement. When our first son Sean arrived jackie changed a symbol and added a family circle…..my son, now 7 see’s this bracelet on my arm every day and knows the story of how his mam and dad fell in love. I count Jackie & Ed as friends of our family (as they know so much about us) I can’t recommend them enough, their sincerity and love and energy behind their work is outstanding. My bracelet has had many hands and fingers on it, even now as people ask me about the piece of art that is on my arm.It is worn every day, and is now as family heirloom.
Thank you both for keeping my love by my side each day, in all weather and instances, it makes me smile every day I look down at it.
Love Michelle (I,S & P) XXXX.”



From, Carlow

“Jackie and Ed, thank you so very much for the pieces you have created for me. You are both amazing. The detail you pay to each piece shows your love for your craft and the people who commission your pieces. I felt like family with every commissioned piece.

To date I have had four pieces commissioned by Jackie and Ed. My experience with each piece saw the same excellent customer service and care. You have created a customer for life! Your pieces uniquely and elegantly capture a life story.

The first two pieces commissioned expressed our love to our daughters who had recently left the home to start their own families. We provided a write up of our lives together, we conversed back and forth through email with Jackie and Ed. It was exciting going through the whole experience and anticipating the arrival of the pieces. I was overwhelmed with emotion when we received the pieces. Each piece was accompanied by a beautifully written letter detailing the meaning of each tile in the necklace perfectly capturing our love for our daughters. Who would have thought commissioning a piece from Vancouver, B.C. Canada could be so easy you made the distance disappear.

First experience so amazing I didn’t hesitate to approached my sibling about commissioning a bracelet for our Mother’s 75th birthday. We wanted something that expressed our love and admiration for the beautiful woman we are fortunate to call our mother, grandmother and great grandmother. It did not disappoint. The piece is amazing and the write up brought all to tears and in the end smiles. She proudly wears her bracelet every day.

My two daughters and husband commissioned a piece for me for my birthday this year. I was so excited when I opened the gift and recognized the box and saw my one of a kind bracelet inside. I love when people notice my bracelet giving me the opportunity to proudly explain what each tile means. I see the same reaction in their eyes every time and gladly provide all that ask your website or business card.

Thanks again Jackie and Ed from Canada – you are amazing, can’t wait for my next piece!

All the very best from Pattie and Dave,


Pattie & Dave

From, Vancouver BC Canada

“It has been a revelation to commission pieces from Jackie and Ed for my two sisters, my friend and a team all of whom were simply delighted to receive them and wear them with pride. My biggest pleasure was in receiving one of her neck pieces myself. I have lots of jewellery but only one personalised piece. It is my favorite, I am thrilled and delighted every time I wear it. Jackie and Ed are master craftsmen. Jackie’s perception and interpretation of a personality is insightful, accurate, sensing and visual. The presentation of the piece, the handwritten explanation of the symbols, the packaging and the silver cloth are gorgeous.This is emotional jewellery.”



From, Westmeath

In designing my daughter’s 21st birthday pendant and earrings Jackie captured the essence of the significant life events over her 21 years and included aspects of our whole family history and culture to link all family members and to look positively to the future”



From, New Ross

“I have known Jackie for many years. My sisters first met her at a market in Galway. We all have pieces designed by Jackie. They are unique and very special. Jackie has the unique ability of capturing the essence of what you desire in a piece. She loves nature, life and people and this is reflected in her creativity. Her inner beauty is echoed in her unique pieces. The light of her inner beauty is mirrored in the piece that she creates for every individual person.
Light and love Cathy”



From, Dublin

“From the moment I spoke to Jackie about the bracelet I wanted for my daughter’s birthday, I knew that it was going to be very special. The bracelet arrived with the write up and it was just fabulous, everything I imagined and much much more. My daughter absolutely loves her bracelet and loves showing it to everyone. I would defnitely recommend Jackie and Ed for that extra special gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.”



From, Galway

“I just love Jackie and Ed’s Jewellery, it is personal and different….. the pieces speak volumes about the “Life” of the person wearing them. It illustrates the important things in Life, nature, sea, sun, moon, love …………. they Sparkle with Beauty.

I found the process of ordering and receiving the jewellery very “Easy”, just explain to Jacki what you require and the life story of the person you want the piece for. Jacki make fab suggestions , the complete process was very personal and can be done over the phone. Jacki will do follow up calls and post the jewellery out, the presentation was great, with a lovely card giving an explanation of the jewellery received….. Very Special”



From, Monaghan

“Just want to say a huge thank you to Jackie & Ed for the fabulous pieces of jewllery they made for me. Jackie is so helpful and everything I wanted was put into the jewellery. Nothing at all was a problem. The 2 pieces I ordered were for gifts and the recipients were over the moon with them!! Everything that I described to Jackie about the recipients was written down beautifully and they were absolutely thrilled and touched by the presentation. They both have said the jewellery and their description will be cherished and they wear the jewellery with pride. Jackie and Ed are so talented.



From, Co.Dublin

“We bought a bracelet as a family gift . JEK personalised jewellery is the ideal way to let a person know exactly how you feel about them . I spoke to Jackie on the phone , she was so down to earth and helpful . Their attention to detail was very impressive , in particular our phone conversations . Jackie made sure she had a very clear picture in her head before herself and Ed started to design our bracelet . The whole process was very easy and there were plenty off happy tears on the night off the b day , I couldn’t recommend JEK highly enough.”



From, Kilkenny

“Want a truly unique , beautiful hand crafted piece of jewellery????Look no further than Jackie & Ed Keilthy Jewellery. This amazing duo create the most STUNNING commissioned pieces -I’ve had the pleasure of receiving & giving their truly beautiful creations. The pieces are treasured gifts & accompanying write up’s are so meaningful & add that extra special touch. Jackie & Ed have a passion for their craft & this is evident from initial consultation through to receiving the finished piece , I’d be delighted to recommend them.”



From, Kilkenny